our vision

At Powerhaus, eating well is more than a green salad that is x-, y- and z-free. Eating well is about enhancing food to its highest potential. Eating well is about being creative and developing a sustainable diet that we crave.


It’s our mission to support you in your wellness
journey by making eating well SIMPLE and enjoyable

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our story

Anisha Blodgett and her family started Powerhaus after seeking to find a better balance between going to the gym daily, eating “clean” all week, then guiltily ordering a thin-crust pizza from the likes of Domino’s. When we literally took pizza making into our own hands, the idea for Powerhaus was born. The world of superfood-based smoothies was introduced by Kiki Athanassoulias of Mindfully Exponential, Powerhaus’ in-haus holistic nutritionist. Our in-store team was carefully selected based on passion, a desire for excellence, and the ability to make our guests happy!